Roberto (Bob) Falcone

Digital product designer @ Google.

➺ Once this used to be a proper portfolio. But personal websites are like old books in a shelf – They languish, accumulate dust, and their wrinkles and cracks become more apparent over time.

I've eventually become embarrassed by how outdated my portfolio was, and I've decided to tear it down. Yeah, I hear you, it's the old bad obsession for perfection. Sorry, Tobias.

Now you see this slick temporary page instead, but we all know it will stay like this for a while. If you'd like to know more about my work, you can drop me a line.

➺ I love minimalism (dah!), chess, coffee, vinyls, typography, hard rock, antani, non-pineapple pizza, gin&tonic, basketball, mountains and cats. Not necessarily in this order. Claudio is my favourite designer. In a parallel timeline, I'm the Rolling Stones guitarist.

➺ Before you go, check my Design Thinking playlist out. I've spent countless hours to collect songs that get you in the zone while designing.