Roberto (Bob) Falcone

Product designer with ~10 years spent in the digital design space. Currently part of Google.

➺ Once this used to be a proper portfolio. But personal websites are like old books in a shelf. They languish, accumulate dust, and their wrinkles and cracks become more apparent over time.

After stop working on it for a while, I've eventually become annoyed and embarrassed of how outdated my portfolio was, and I've decided to tear it down. Yeah, I hear you, it's the old bad obsession for perfection. Sorry, Tobias.

Hence, now you see this slick "temporary" page instead. We all know that it will stay like this for a while. But if you'd like to know more about my work, feel free to drop me a line.

➺ I love minimalism (dah!), vinyls, typography, hard rock, antani, non-pineapple pizza, gin tonic, basketball, mountains and cats. Not necessarily in this order.
Claudio is my favourite designer.

In a parallel timeline, I'm the Rolling Stones guitarist.

➺ Before you go, check this playlist out - I've spent countless hours to collect songs that get you in the zone while designing. Perhaps you'll dig it.